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Mold Test Kit

Our simple, do-it-yourself mold test kit indicates the presence of mold. This PRO-LABŪ test kit will identify the exact count and type of mold, pollen and dust mites that could be present.

PRO-LAB's Mold Test Kit utilizes patented technology and state-of-the-art laboratory analytical method to ensure accuracy and reliability.

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Radon Gas Test Kit

Radon gas has been found in varying amounts in every state in the U.S., killing up to 30,000 people each year from lung cancer. PRO-LAB's Professional Radon Gas Test Kit offers you a professional radon anaysis of your home or office. If you already conducted a radon test and your results were above 4 pci/L, we strongly recommend that you immediately do a repeat test for result confirmation before you take any further action. Also, if your home or office uses well water, this could be the source of your radon problem. We suggest using our PRO-LAB Radon Test Kit for Water for well water.

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Radon Test Kit for Water

Over 17,000 homeowners with well water are affected by water-borne radon according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and is emitted in homes from well water during showering, cleaning, brushing your teeth, and doing laundry.

PRO-LAB's Professional Radon Test Kit for Water is simple to use, and utilizes patented liquid scintillation technology that offers National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) proficiency results within seven (7) working days.

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Long-Term Radon Test Kit

Short-term radon gas detectors, such as the PRO-LAB Radon Test Kit (Model RA100), are excellent for initial screening (as in real estate transactions) to determine if potentially harmful levels of radon exist in your home; however, radon levels can vary dramatically over a short period of time.

If your initial test results from the short-term detectors warrant a long-term follow-up test, an extended test using the PRO-LAB Professional Long-Term Radon Gas Detector (Model RL116) is recommended for more conclusive results.

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Water Quality

Water contamination causes cancer, birth defects, and methemoglobulinemia ("Blue Baby Syndrome"). PRO-LAB's Professional Water Quality Test Kit offers 5 instant tests for over-chlorination (which is a know carcinogen), nitrites/nitrates (which can cause Blue Baby Syndrome), hardness and alkalinity (these can clog and damage pipes), and iron (which may stains fixtures, laundry, and even hair).

The test kit contains five (5) individual laboratory grade test strips for accuracy and reliability.

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Carbon Monoxide Test Kit

Invisible and odorless carbon monoxide gas kills over 5,000 people each year. Clogged chimneys, malfunctioning stoves, water heaters, space heaters, as well as auto, boat, and light aircraft exhaust releases carbon monoxide into the air that you breathe. PRO-LAB's Professional Carbon Monoxide Detector contains two (2) yellow chemical buttons that turn grey when they come in contact with carbon monoxide. They will detect as little as 50 ppm (before exposure becomes dangerous to you and your family). This instant detector is reusable and each button will last up to three months once opened.
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Asbestos is a health hazard in many homes, offices, and schools. Exposure to asbestos can cause lung cancer. An estimated 20,000 people will die each year for the next 30 years from asbesos exposure.

Our simple to use laboratory-quality test identifies asbestos fibers to as little as one (1) percent content by weight and is more sensitive than EPA guidelines. PRO-LAB's Asbestos Test Kit utilizes Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM), and offers results within 7 business days.

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Lead in Paint and Dust

Ingesting lead paint and breathing in lead dust is the number one contributor to lead poisoning. Lead poisoning can cause brain damage and this type of poisoning affects over 200,000 children each year. PRO-LAB's Professional Lead Test Kit for Paint and Dust offers the option of testing either for lead paint or lead in dust. The PRO-LAB test kit measures in accordance to EPA approved methods (our test kit meets the EPA's Title X) for real estate transactions. The simple to use test utilizes atomic absorption spectrometer via graphite furnace and offers EPA proficiency results within two (2) weeks. Lab fee and pre-paid postage envelope included.
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Lead in Water

Lead-contaminated water from lead pipes and fixtures contributes to lead poisoning in over 40,000,000 homes. Every time you drink from the faucet, cook with tap water, or brush your teeth, you may be at risk. PRO-LAB's Professional Lead in Water Test Kit offers you an accurate water analysis to EPA proficiency standards. Fill the vial with water, send it to PRO-LAB, and we will send you a professionally documented lab report revealing the amount of lead in your water to as little as 1 ppb (the current EPA standard is 15 ppb). Lab fee and pre-paid postage are included.

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Lead on Surfaces

Lead poisoning causes brain damage to children from birth to eight years of age. Test your home or office for this deadly toxin. PRO-LAB's Professional Lead Surface Test Kit contains six (6) instant test strips to make sure you and your family are safe.

Test dinnerware, mini blinds, ceramics, soil, plumbing pipes and fixtures, children's toys, antiques, and more.

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Bacteria in Water

Bacterial contamination causes severe digestive problems, fever, nausea, diarrhea, and, in some cases, death. According to the EPA, total coliform and E. coli bacteria testing is recommended twice a year.

Our simple do-it-yourself test identifies dangerous bacteria in 48 hours. Optional lab analysis is available, indicating the exact count and type of bacteria present.

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Pesticides in Water

Pesticide ingestion and inhalation can damage internal organs, cause cancer, and eventually even cause death. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one-half of the ground and well water in the United States is contaminated with pesticides, resulting in 20,000 deaths each year.

Our instant, do-it-yourself test monitors water for hazardous levels of pesticides. Testing for pesticides should be done annually. PRO-LAB's Pesticides in Water Test Kit utilizes patented laboratory-grade test strips for accuracy and reliability.

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Septic Systems

Detergents, deodorant soaps, drain cleaners, and toilet bowl cleaners contain hydrocarbons and harsh chemicals kill the necessary bacteria in home septic systems that are required to digest and process waste.

The end result is backed up toilets, continuous and costly pumping, and clogged pipes. PRO-LAB's One Flush Septic and Plumbing Energizer Concentrate is the most powerful septic treatment available and, until now, was being used only at water treatment plants.

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Microwave Radiation

Microwave radiation is the energy that causes the water molecules in food to vibrate rapidly. It's this rapid vibration that produces heat which, in turn, cooks the food; however, it can also penetrate through living tissue. This is why exposure to microwave radiation is harmful to your health.

Microwave radiation is difficult to detect because it's both invisible and odorless. Whenever a microwave oven is turned on, microwave radiation is present — you may be exposing yourself and your family to dangerous levels of radiation.

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Total Water Quality

Clean drinking water is essential for good health. The water from your tap may not be safe.
Even if your water looks and taste good it may contain harmful contaminants.
Bottled water and private wells are not regulated by the US EPA. It is up to you to test your water for harmful contaminants. Your family deserves the safest and healthiest water possible. Water experts advise testing the water you drink regularly.

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Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies indoors, and approximately 55% test positive to one or more allergens. Eighty percent of Americans are exposed to dust mite allergens and 60% to dog and cat allergens. Countless more Americans are being exposed to pollen (Ragweed). THE PRO-LABŪ ALLERGEN TEST KIT allows you to easily and inexpensively test your home and receive a professional laboratory analysis.

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PRO-LAB Allergen Test Kit

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Today, one person in ten suffers from headaches or high blood pressure. Birth defects are on the rise. One out of every five people will get cancer during their lifetime, a 26 percent increase in the last two decades according to the National Cancer Society. In addition to cancer, environmental pollution is suspected to be a major cause of asthma, emphysema, nervous disorders, and there is speculation that it might also figure into puzzling diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Overwhelming media attention and newly enacted legislation regarding life threatening home and office pollutants has heightened consumer awareness, which in turn created the demand for professional-grade environmental home safety test kits.


  • PRO-LAB is a leading manufacturer of a complete line of home safety test kits. Each test kit provides precise measurement of specific life threatening pollutants
  • PRO-LAB test kits contain all of the necessary materials to detect contaminants within the home or office. All analyses are performed by PRO-LABŪ or by PRO-LABŪ recognized licensed, certified or accredited laboratories.
  • PRO-LAB is an environmentally conscious company and all of our test kits are consumer friendly and completely non-toxic
  • PRO-LAB is not owned by or beholden to any company selling pollution abatement services or air and/or water treatment devices.
  • All analyses are performed by PRO-LABŪ or by PRO-LABŪ recognized certified laboratories in compliance with State and Federal lab methods.


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PRO-LABŪ Test Kits are available to the general public at over 40,000 leading home centers, hardware stores, pharmacy chains, supermarkets, and a wide category of specialty outlets.

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All analyses are performed by PRO-LAB® or by PRO-LAB® recognized licensed, certified or accredited laboratories.

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