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I happened to come across an article on the dangers of radon in North American homes. Having small children it concerned me so for a few bucks I picked up this kit . Pretty convenient as you just follow the instructions and send it in. After I got the results and they were positive. I called Pro Lab up where they do the testing and they were more than helpful explaining every detail. The problem has since been fixed, retested and negative results returned. Supper painless and efficient. Considering the harm that could have come to my family I'm glad this product works.

G Harley

I was very satisfied with the product. The instructions were straight forward and very easy to understand. I was very happy with how quick I got the results. Would definitely recommend the product.


Spoke to customer service and we went over the results. They helped me better understand them. Results were given in a timely manner. Couldn't be happier with this product. Going to use PRO-LAB products in the future again


I was looking for results for a second Asbestos test. Called customer service and was able to track down my other samples and they sent me results. I was a great experience. Would definitely use again

Garry M.

Customer service was quick to answer my call. Usually I have to make sure I have at least 30 minutes to spare when calling any customer service helpline. I was very happy I was able to get my answer in less than 5 minutes.

Yung D.

Sent a Radon test last year and misplaced a report, called and requeted another copy and had it in my inbox within minutes. VERY convenient.

Glenda S.

Thank for the information, your process is really simple.

Thomas F

Would use again, easy to use.

Todd M.

I live in a 1909 old Virginia farm house in Berryville. I moved there ten years ago and have been repairing the roofs, the walls and had always wanted to remove an old linoleum, which seemed to have been installed at least 60 years ago. I visited my son who is an architect in Minneapolis and warned me right away: " Do NOT remove that linoleum without having it analyzed for asbestos!" he declared. When I returned to Virginia I was determined to take the first step, that is, having that linoleum analyzed by professionals and went to a local hardware store. I was extremely pleased to find a kit to test asbestos and paid for it. As I read the instructions, I realized that a sample and a check had to be mailed to a company called PRO-LAB to get the results, and I did. I did follow the instructions carefully and accurately; cut out a one inch by one inch sample, place it into the provided plastic bag etc. Soon after I mailed the sample, I received an email from the company which indicated exactly at what date I would receive my report, and I did on that very day they had indicated. Yet the date from the report were extremely technical; they listed components and their percentage. I did in fact have high levels of asbestos in the linoleum. Called PRO-LAB and they answered all of my questions and even gave me the name of types of companies that remove asbestos professionally as it is hazardous material. Now I have to decide how to proceed. PRO-LAB was professional --as their name indicates--and very helpful. I would recommend the company to any resident or business who needs this type or other types of tests since they provide many different types of analyses. Thank you PRO-LAB!

Martine B.

You guys are awesome! I received my report on time and when I had a question regarding my results my email was replied to in minutes, which usually is not the case in some places. I am quite happy I can rely on this lab.

Karen K

I did two asbestos test and only got results for one. I emailed customer service and they located the second and sent it to me. Great customer service!

Bill O.

I called customer service looking for results and needed an explenation for the results. Spoke to a rep and he went over report with me after he sent to me. He was very helpful and was satisfied with the outcome!

Shawn R.

I was having trouble viewing report, I called PRO-LAB and they were very helpful and they sent me the report a differnet way.

Jim D.

Called for results. Notified report was emailed, didn't know to check email. Report resent by email. Very appreciative.

Paul D.

Easy to use, informative report.

Ken W.

Customer service is awesome. I would have done my testing for preventitive reasons years ago and was very happy to know I can just call in for results from previous years.

Terrence K.

I called looking for my report, spoke to customer service who was very nice, resent my report to my email. Great customer service.

Julie S.

Picked up a kit, very easy to follow directions. Needed the results fast and got them in two days.

Ben C.

Super quick turnaround, will be using again.

Mary Lue H

Called in to provide credit card info, spoke to customer service who took my info and said I would receive my report soon, they were very helpful.

Daniel C.

Bought the Radon Test Kit and sent in and received results very quickly. Had questions on the results and called in...rep was very helpful and knowledgable on results and what to do next. Very happy.


Sent a Radon test and forgot to send forms and payment. Called in embarassed hoping I could still get report. Was informend that sample was processed and analysed and info and payment could be sent. Results were sent ans soon as payment was received. Very happy that the sample wasn't thrown away and could still get results.

Neil G.

Called to check the status of my results, customer service told me I'd receive my report to my email in the following week, I received them earlier than expected.


Thank you for the prompt and welcome report. Will definitely use your comapnies service again next time

Paul H.

Paid for express turnaround time and they came as expected. Emailed customer service and got a fast response. I would definitely recommend this product. Thanks again.

Thomas G.

Bought the Radon Test Kit and sent in and received results very quickly. Had questions on the results and called in...rep was very helpful and knowledgable on results and what to do next. Very happy.


I needed this done before my floor was laid. Not only did I find out that I don't have asbestos, I have a proof in writing. Good value

T Hart

Thank you to PRO-LAB for giving me great support. I will be certain to tell my experiences to anyone I hear of in the future considering testing kits for their homes.

A Morris

Recently I noticed a strange odor in my bathroom. After a little research. I discovered that it may be mold. In a panic because I have small children I purchased this kit. Easy to use and all you have to do is put the container in the mail after use. The complete results returned in a week and not only did it confirm my suspicion of it actually being mold but also identified the type. Having a few question I contacted the number on the package. Their customer service was great and had all the answers to my questions. A contractor fixed the leak and redid the area.

M Stewart

We can't tell you how much "PEACE OF MIND" you guys have given us. Thank you PRO-LAB...

Chris & Jody, Colorado

Anxious for results and customer service explained the process and when my results would be available. Very nice and helpful!

Patty B.

I have used PRO-LAB's radon test kit personally and professionally. I was very pleased with their service, their professionalism and timeliness.

S Muscella, Realtor


We would like to thank the fine people at PRO-LAB for their continued dedication to service and performance. Almost any Company can get a customer to use their product once, but it takes a great company like PRO-LAB to keep those customers coming back again and again as we have been. We are a full service professional Home Inspection Company that exclusively uses PRO-LAB to perform accurate Radon tests for our customers. PRO-LAB's promptness with test results enables us to pass the same fast service over to our customers. Thank you PRO-LAB and keep up the great work!
Schweitzer Real Estate

I wish to proclaim the great value of your Radon Gas Test Kit. In July, I purchased the kit through PRO-LABl's website and I loved my experience with the professionalism they showed. Rest assured, I would buy other PRO-LAB test kits on the positive experience I have had with your Radon Gas Test Kit

C E Scanlan

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